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Why we cant review a system when we want?


I agree that opening up reviews to anyone is not a good idea. On Amazon, some of the reviews are tagged with “Verified buyer”. May be C2 could move to more open reviews, but still place a constraint that a subscriber should have been a paying auto-trade customer for 6 months before he/she can review a strategy.


Maybe the entire review system should be scrapped and subscribers could resort to the using the forums instead for reviews, which they could do now, and the lack of anonymity would provide some level of accountability.


I would vote for a free review process like traveladvisor. Also i would suggest that if there has been no trades for the month, there should be no charge , as we are not getting anything for the month


This will force traders to overtrade, which can bring additional losses.


No trades does not mean that you are not getting anything. In effect it is saying don’t trade these instruments now. With a good system no trades mean that the system you are subscribing to thinks that trading now is to risky or will not produced positive PnL.


Sometimes no trade is the best advice.

“If you can keep your head when all about you. Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” - from If by Rudyard Kipling


I dont mind giving a honest review on systems. But stop asking for a review after 2 weeks. They should wait atleast a month or 2. I like c2 review system


Well we should have been careful what we wished for! Change in reviewing policy has prompted 25 new reviews in only two days. It’s opened up the flood gates of pent up demand!