Zakum--Mother's Day Discount

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Zakum is offering a very special promotion.

Coupon UGTA48337 allows a new subscriber access to Zakum at a reduced price. Instead of the standard price of $299.00 per month, coupon users will be charged $250.00 per month. This reduced price will remain in effect for 6 billing transactions. Please note that this coupon expires on on 5/10/15 11:59 Eastern U.S. time.

Zakum has performed well since its November 2014 debut and made another new high today.

Take a look and read the recent autotrader reviews.

And remember, Zakum NEVER averages down any open position. :smile:

Reminder this offer expires today at midnight.

T minus 4 hours left. Don’t let this deal pass you bye. :smiley:

Many thanks and best of luck to Zakum’s new subscribers,