24 hour

Hello Matthew,

I just entered two orders in the Euro Currency, and the British Pound. This is a 24hour market, and therefore both trades should get executed now. I mentioned this in the attached message as well.

Will they be executed now, or does your system wait until the IMM opens??




You entered orders for EUH5 and BPH5. Those symbols are for the pit traded futures contracts, where the market opens at 8:20 am New York time.

There are indeed 24-hr versions of these contracts. For EU, you would use the symbol @EU. We do not currently have the @BP contract in the contract database, but I will try to add it for you on Monday.


Jacob: I forgot. One more thing. You currently have an open position in EUH5. You’ll notice a little yellow clock next to the position in your system details. When you click on the clock, you toggle the contract between EUH5 and @EUH5. This allows you to enter an offsetting position during the evening for a contract you opened in the pits.


Ok Matthew. It’s clear, thanks for your help/reply.