75% Scaling question

What happens if system trades 2 contracts per trade and subscriber is at 75% scaling? What happens if system trades 3 contracts per trade and subscriber is at 75% scaling?

When placing trades in a subscriber account, C2 AutoTrade will always round down to the nearest integer or to zero.

So, for example, if your system trades 2 contracts, and an AutoTrader has scaling set to 25%, the AutoTrader will not open the position at all. (Because 25% of 2 is .5, which rounds down to zero contracts).

Now, before I receive a flurry of suggestions about how you think C2 ought to round upward instead of down, or ought to round down, but have a minimum quantity of 1 (i.e. always open the minimal position), let me pre-empt your posts:

We’ve been at this AutoTrade thing for a very long time, and we’ve seen it all. One of the problems with doing it any other way than the way we do it is that, in the case of systems that “leg into” positions, when subscribers trade with a scaling % that is not a multiple of 100%, there will be account “oscillation” (a series of buys and sells as C2 adjusts between single trade size and aggregate position size. C2 AutoTrade has safety features in place to prevent endless oscillations, but even so, even a few oscillations, on many trades, grow annoying and potentially expensive.

So we’ve settled on the algorithm as described above, with the goal of reducing oscillations to the minimum possible.

The best thing to do, when possible, is to trade a system at a multiple of 100% scaling. This eliminates almost all potential complications when it comes to scaling.

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Thanks Matthew for a very helpful response.