Auto trade scaling


I am trying to figure out the Autotrade Scaling.

I wanted to set up Auto trading for my Demo account with BulldogFX were There is 5000$ with the tradesystem TRENDSETTER that has 129541$ but I dont understand the Autotrade Scaling. For the AutoTrade scaling there are two options you can punt the dollar amount there is in your account which is 5000$ in this case or percentage of the trade system selected (TRENSETTER) but percentages do not match. if I indicate the dollar amount in my account 5000$ it will say that I selected and autotrade scaling of 11.70% but 5000$ is not 11.70% of 129.541$ it should be arround 4%??? and if I put 4% aitotrade scaling it will say that I have in my account 1900$ and not the 5000 which is 4% of 129000???

Could anyone help me to figure out this?

Thank you


The reason for the discrepancy is that C2 allows forex systems 33:1 leverage, while FXCM/Bulldog allows 100:1. So if you want to "risk" $1,000 of your FXCM account, you can effectively make your position three times as large as a C2 position which eats $1,000 of margin.