8 minutes for Gen3 to work?

Hey Matthew,

Gen3 is an established technology by now yet I’ve had a problem the other day that I thought had been exterminated by now. The Autotrading account took a whole 8 minutes to convert the forex limit order that was briefly touched to a market order. I fully understand the synchronicity requirement, but 8 minutes? That’s a life-time in the Forex markets.

Opened ET B/S # Symbol Price Closed Close Price Risk P/L

6/28/12 23:10 STO 1 GBP/USD 1.56046

3 FXCM 2012-06-28 23:18 STO 10,000 1.56046

Actual limit was a STO at 1.5627 - resulting in this almost 23 pip difference.

I was told that “C2 notices at 23:18 a signal should have been filled a few minutes earlier and it fills it using the quote’s timestamp (23:10). This causes all client limit orders to convert to market orders so they stay in sync”.

Is that how it goes? You don’t “fill” the order in real-time but in retrospect a few minutes later?


I’ve submitted you the trade ID by e-mail last night as requested. Please note another strange occurrence: the system w/ commissions tally on the system graph is wrong. Assuming you don’t fix the trade that messed up due to Gen3 failing to execute on time, the aggregate system loss is -141$ w/ Autotrade commissions, while the graph shows -229$.

The difference (88$) seems to be the price I paid to renew the system’s subscription, but that really shouldn’t be part of the graph’s calculation, now should it? [LINKSYSTEM_74845089]

C2 includes the cost of your system subscription in the chart results. That $89 per month is the difference you see in the chart.

Alright, that makes sense. I thought that was my vendor subscription. So we’re only left with the lag issue.

Alright, that makes sense. I thought that was my vendor subscription. Thanks for explaining the backfill issue.