A more flexible (DOM like) signal platform


I would like to provide signals to C2, but my trading requires a more flexible signal platform than what C2 curently offers. It would be great if your platform were closer to something like Zeroline Trader or Ninja Trader which have DOM interfaces. Are there any efforts underway to provide us with a more flexible platform? Some of us trade for a living using not only systems but also discretion if necessary and the current C2 signal platform is not so good to accomodate those of us who also use discretion in their trading. Are there any plans to change this state of things?


My hope has always been that an intrepid programmer would build a great DOM-like order entry platform from scratch – or, even better – that one of the already excellent platforms (Ninja Trader?) would bolt on C2-order entry to their already existing product.

I would gladly support the development of such a project. I believe that C2’s trade-entry API that already exists is suitable for such a project, but - if more API functionality is required - I would gladly add it.


Thanks for your prompt reply. You are right… It has been my hope too.

In fact, a few days back I even asked the ZLT developer to take a plunge into this very project, but sadly enough I have yet to hear back from him. I will also try to get the NT people interested in it and frankly I am itching all over to take a shot at it myself, but to do this I would have to split myself or something…