C2 Programmer Interface Available!

Many people have requested a feature allowing programmers to enter trading signals using software they have written. This eliminates the need to log in to Collective2 to place your trade signals; your software can do it for you.

A new Web service interface is available for any interested programmers. You can find the documentation here:


Also, I would appreciate if any programmers out there would be willing to contribute to the public any “wrappers” or APIs that use the new Collective2 automation feature. In particular, I’m sure we would have a great demand for APIs/wrappers in Perl, VB, C++.

Finally, I wonder if anyone can write a wrapper or plugin for TradeStation? I’m not really adept at using it, so I don’t even know if such a thing is possible. The goal would be to have some sort of plug-in feature for non-technical people, where - when their TradeStation system places a realtime trade - they simultaneously communicate the trade to Collective2 via the new interface. If you are capable of writing this interface, please let me know.

So, programmers, please take a look at the docs and tell me what you think. I welcome any questions or feedback. This message board is probably the best place for it, since it allows us to create an archived, public discussion.