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A simple Swing Strategy


This strategy is a consistent one and strictly not for those who want profit every day.

what are the indicators used: MA 13 and 30
Chart used: 2hrs.
How to use: enter when MAs are crossed + 1 more bar to confirm.

I follow this for my strategy and it gave me some decent return over the last 6 months.


100% of time we are deceived with the conception that we need a complex system to make consistent profit which is always wrong.Though this strategy looks too simple but it is very powerful if you trade options. The other parameters that we need to follow are :

what instruments to trade : IWM,VIX
When To Stop : If bar closes below 30MA.
Target Profit(option) : 100% but stay as long as bar didn’t close below 30 MA and option expires.
what option to buy : when condition is met, buy the option (call/put) which expires after 2 weeks with strike around current price.

Hope this will help novice traders in the forum. Please try this strategy in your charting system to take a visual look.

Team SwingOptionTraders.


Did anyone check about the system on a chart? please free to talk as any forum is ugly!!.

We are new here in collective2 but we see (after going through the posts) many experienced traders here who mainly comments as you are a joke or poker player when you begin.

Can I ask them why?..they should guide us here which I don’t see at all!! it because 95% system fails?

well, does an experience trader can predict market?. no!!..then why so aggression or make fun!!

Team SwingOptionTraders.


Welcome to C2 @SwingOptionTraders, the only reason that the forum can get ugly is that too many trade leaders tend to be arrogant and braggards even before they have made more than a few trades. Also, the over leveraging is a major problem which results in major losses.

There is nothing wrong with introducing a strategy in the forum but its HOW its introduced and HOW much is being charged for a service that is unproven and why the trade leaders own rules get broken.

Since you have been modest about your strategy I think most forum reviewers are just sitting back and watching your strategy.

One comment about your strategy is the liquidity of your options purchases as you start getting subscribers. It may get harder and harder to get fills on your option purchases as the liquidity dries up.

If you have traded this system in a real account why don’t you get a TOS certification?


Thanks@ [AlgoSystems] for your inputs here. we are planning for TOS but only after another month as we five traders planned.

But above all, Thanks for understanding the gist about the last post.

Yes!. we are trading this system live offline.

We are little concerned about subscriber now at this point but yes, once it grows, the number of options that we buy will be less, of course.

We want to make less profit but a steady one. Hope this helps your query/queries.

Team SwingOprtionTraders.


@SwingOptionTraders says

We are little concerned about subscriber now at this point but yes, once it grows, the number of options that we buy will be less, of course.

This approach concerns many of us as potential subscribers. It’s a trend we see among troublesome strategies. (1) Pump up the leverage at first to get a phenomenal return, (2) Reduce leverage as subscribers come online, and often, perform other dangerous tricks like (3) excessive buying down into losing trades or (4) re-leveraging up to try and make up for losses or to goose performance and attract more subscribers. You’re starting off the first month of your strategy with as much as 60 contracts of QQQ on about $15k investment. I’d be personally comfortable with about 1/10th of that leverage.

I’m not saying you’ll devolve into dirty tricks like 3 or 4. But there is no basis in money/trade/risk management theory for saying “of course” you’ll reduce the number of contracts traded when the subscriber base grows. None. That can only be considered a bait-and-switch marketing strategy to get subscribers who expect huge numbers, and instead give them something ordinary that keeps them paying fees while hoping for your strategy to go back to the huge gains you started off with. Usually, while marketing a bait-and-switch strategy a salesperson would never admit the switch. You, on the other hand, laid it out for us, garnished with “of course”.

Good luck to you and your subscribers.


first of all, you are wrong about the trade you mentioned: 60 QQQ costs me around 6k not 15K.

Your Points are convincing up-to some point. Our strategy is somewhat depended on volumes (out of 7 parameters). if you have 20 subs and if you signal 50 that goes like 50*20 = 1000 a day which matters.

Everyone here as a trade leader tries to get subscribers only.otherwise why we are posting a strategy?

Regarding about your “bait -and-switch” theory, we have not thought so much as you old pals!!!..please keep making money by what you follow as wise and successful. you are not here to help novice ones like us.

Theory is simple…like “the last kingdom”…destiny is all.

Hope you will follow us…

-cheers & regards,


Just curious. What country are you from? I see a US flag, but you are clearly from somewhere else.

I noticed you’re up over 100% in your first month with a >60% drawdown. I’m sure this will work out fine. Most systems like this do. :+1:


why do you think we are from somewhere else?. we are from LA.CAL.US. we are 5 people who started the strategy FYI.



After reviewing a few trades. Just another Dr Martin Gale disciple. But with long options.


Because your English is off. That’s why. So where you from originally?


what is the need of knowing where we are from here?. we are 5 ppl - 1 Singapore, 2 Japs and 2 Indians.Of course any racism has something to do with “where are you from” as that says color. How does that matter when I can convey the msg that is intended?.why are you asking the question which has “nothing to do” with what we do here?


Just curious. Saw an American flag and heard broken English. No racism at all.

-If you’d said, “I am an American from USA, I love America big win USA!”, it’d be pretty clear you are BSing all of us. No one wants to invest with someone like that.

-If you’d said “Originally from Russia, so my English is not perfect”, that makes perfect sense and all is well. You’re from Asia originally I assume, based on what you said, so that makes sense. All is well.

Now let’s get crackin’ on those 100% monthly returns! :rocket:


Understood. we all are from East Asia. We do not intend to gain 100% each month but intention “was and is” to get ~20% per month.

Team SwingOptionTraders.


How are you faring @SwingOptionTraders as the account equity is now down to 5k? What are your plans when it goes to zero?


I think we all learned if you invest in any strategy posted on the forums, most likely it will go bust.

Because they are here to get subscribers not to invest.


There is a rule. And there is an exception to the rule. There are those who successfully trades and communicates on the forum. I do not understand your logic - I do not communicate with investors - this is bad, communication is also bad. How should an expert be?


Yes I’m sure this was the case.
Since it was 5 people working to get that 80% drawdown, it’s really only like 15% DD per person I guess.


The red flag here is when they say “we”. We usually consists of 1 guy sitting naked and cross legged on his single bed.


@TQQQSQQQ…lol…I think you nailed it!

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