Account Size Suggestion

Dear Matthew & other C2-Users,

while my Equilibrium Stocktrading is doing well in terms of my expectations on its gross return, I realized these days that the accuont-size I chose to begin with was too little as I were aware of the commission but forgot about/didn´t realize the impact of the charged fee on the net performance.

As it stands now, I have to gain 1,5% commission in order to be ahead as little as 1$. I know it´s my fault and I can´t correct it now.

However I would want interested people to know which account-size I really suggest for them to be reasonable and so I´d like to know whether or not you have some good suggestions on where to place such a note for it to be placed… appropriate?

Within the system´s description it would probably be seen but somehow I find that a little bit… disturbing, don´t know why…

Opinions on where you would see it fit are very welcome!

kind regards

… unfortunately can´t edit.
It used to be "1,5% plus commission"

and it´s "account-size"

Sorry about that!!

dyslexic greetings from germany