Account size of subscribers

First of all: of course the individual account size of subscribers is to maintain undisclosed.

Yet, for the purpose of simulating the rebate report business model (free subscribing to autotrading) we would like to have an idea about a “typical, average account size of subscribers” you can expect here on C2 given the fact there might be a big deviation probably. We have an idea about the number of subscribers a system might have.

Please note that we are not trying to gather information about individual account sizes or something like that.

What’s your guess? Thank you

Thank you!

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Perhaps Matthew can include this kind of information in his next press release.

Assuming in the USA, I would estimate $8,000… But big variations.

I’m a rookie on c2 so take this for whatever it is worth but here’s my speculation.
If you look at the bottom of the c2 website
:diamonds::diamonds: “$75 million dollars between 120,000+ users” : Based on aggregate Net Liquidation Value of all trading accounts connected to C2 AutoTrade Platform as of March 18, 2018, and number of registered users as of March 18, 2018.

Assuming that all these users are “real” - as in not fake “dating” profiles the average account size is < 1k.

Based on that it highly favors futures/forex - especially since for stocks there’s nothing like portfolio margin within the c2 margin calculation. On the other hand with 1k in average funds it doesn’t seem like anyone will benefit after you subtract fees and commissions - you’d have to make 10%/month just to cover trading cost.

My guess is that system developers realistically chase less than 2k subscribers with a net worth > 100k that would even be interested in a 250k portfolio based stock system.


My best guess is 1-2% of total users of 120k actually invest here or autotrade. My best guess avg acct size is prob 15-25k.

Then 10-15% of the total users are system developers, and are here to make a living.

Other 50% are just bystanders and another 35% are bots.

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So you think there’s more system developers than users?
You may be right but I never looked at it that way - i figured it was the other way around (by at least 10 fold).

define users. imo there are 2 types, ones that actually pay and invest here. then there are users who just check out the site and only simulate.

in regarding more developer user, u know there are like developer with like 18 users names. so ya, there might be more developer users than investing users. I can there is there are CORE c2 investors here, who been investing and contributing to c2 community for years. but there is also users who checked out the site for a week and never came back.

plus i doubt c2 purge any old users or user haven’t log in past 2 yrs. so there is prob a lot of inactive users on here.

Makes sense. I guess if you take this serious as a business (as C2 and as a trade leader) you would want to know the rough addressable market - e.g. how many active users (as in investors) are there that auto-trade or subscribe to a system and their average/median account size. Based on that you could make a more educated decision on your system parameters (model account size/nbr of trades/pricing …). What I’ve learned so far is that there’s little appetite for large model account size systems - what you may have hinted at is that there really is a very small number of potential investors that we’re all chasing.

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define large model account size. 50k? 250k? 500k ?

i mean let say you have 2 million dollars. would you come to some website you hear of it once or twice in your life, gave them all your personal info and link you brokerage account to that 2 million dollars? if you gone this far, then you pay a small fee of $99 plus $750/month to try 4 strategies. Assign 500k to a guys name “Forex Guru69”, another 500k to “Millionaire maker420”, another 500k to “Buffet Jr1990” and last 500k to “ecretAgentTrader” ?

Trust is prob c2 biggest obstacle. How many people would have their hard earned money or lifetime saving then just trust some random person online to trade for them ? Plus most of them have no track record, no credential, no background, no real name, and have NO skin in the game. If after asking your self all those questions and you STILL trust those 4 users with your 2 million $ then props to you man!

Im not here to bash c2, i been a big fan of c2 and their TOS platform. Since i join c2, c2 had made me $500k+. but im just pointing a few flaws from a “large” investor perspective. I think is realistic to ask what type of investors are here. Are there millionaire investor here? ya, I’m sure there is a good amount of millionaires here on c2. but most of them are investors with avg of 10k-150k. (same reason why you see so many of them willing to try these high flying strategy.)

I can tell you i’m a trader my self, i came to c2 to diversify my portfolio. I know I’m not the greatest trader ever, so i manage 1/3 of my own account, another 1/3 with a local RIA firm and 1/3 at c2. Since i joined c2 I have tried about 20 different strategies in total. and honestly only 3 was ever profitable after a yr or 2. Another 3 or 4 of them i would say i was ahead mostly because I got lucky. I got out before they crashed or I scaled out early and the loss was manageable. and the remaining 15 of them they either crashed or just went flat for 3-4 months i just stop paying for them.

If you are a developer, realistically on c2 you will top out prob around 250 subscribers on a single strategy. but is difficult to have 1 single strategy that will be suitable to every investor here. Most ideal is prob a strategy around 50k/100k, avg 40-50% gain per yr and max 10% draw down. Fees around $150-$200/month. that would be the unicorn of c2.

or you can be like Robert Peterson, just launch like 10 strategies and hit every client market. high risk, low risk, med risk, yes vix, no vix, yes ira, no ira. just like Volkswagen, they have 10 car brands around the world.

again, i have zero evident of my opinion here. its all based on my personal experience here on c2 and my “wild” assumptions. I’m just sharing my 2 cents as always.


^This. I’d even open more accounts in C2 to suscribe to that strategy multiple times, for the part of my portfolio allocated for C2. Even a 30%-40% gain during years would be more than acceptable for me, as long as the DD keeps low.


that’s why its a unicorn. to be realistic, is any GOOD trader with 40-50%/yr gain avg annual draw down is 20%, with Monte Carlos simulation that same trader will have a 40-50% once every 3 yrs. Most investor/subscriber will keep searching for this unicorn. Or they can just accept the fact that unicorn doesn’t exist, if they do exist its been locked in a basement by another millionaire or a billionaire cartel. those secret are not shared to the public or publicize on c2. I mean if a great trader is making 100k a month from trading, why would they come to c2 to make 5-15k?

2nd option is be more realistic. If you cant accept a 20% draw down, then your expectation should be search for strategy that will give you an avg annual gain of 15-25%.