Account value and margin

How can a system with total account value of about $ 140,000 and a $20,000 open drawdown hold positions with a margin of $ 220,000 overnight?


Which system specifically, Peter? I’ll take a look. Feel free to email me if you prefer. (matthew at


BTW, what value does C2 use for ER2 overnight margin?


Never mind, I checked on my page, it has to be $2,700.

But the system I mentioned to you is holding 80 contracts Long overnight, with a total margin of 108,000, so that would be & 1,350 per contract, maybe that’s initial margin, and it’s not switched to overnight yet…

Now will half of the contracts be sold to satisfy overnight requirements?

I would prefer not to be charged for a profitable week, if positive results are arrived at with unrealistic trading.