Alerts for my strategy

Is there any way we can get alerts for the following:

  1. when someone messages me in the message center in would be nice to get an email for this so i can login and respond?

  2. when someone chooses to subscribe to my strategy or also do a pending un subscribe?

I may be missing it but dont see anywhere i can select this and i dont get any notifications so it may not be an available feature?

I get emails like this for my system, you might double check your profile and make sure the email address is spelled correctly. Also check any junk/spam folders, promotion/social folders (gmail) and Outlook clutter folder if you have enterprise outlook.

what would the FROM address be from, can you tell me? i get other emails from collective2 all the time like cc when i do broadcasts and other things just not for the things mentioned above.

Looks like subscribes/unsubscribes and message alerts all come from the email address.