API comment field?

Matthew, your API notes indicate: "Some C2 software developers have begun to use the <comment> field to store internal program state information."

Although it goes on to say that is not the intention, can we use the above field and will you add it to the API documentation? Is it &comment=?

It would be helpful to be able to populate any comment field on the first signals. (However have no interest in the "newcomment" field which is documented in the API)

You are right. We neglected to document that when you enter a signal for the first time, using the API’s cmd=signal, you can optionally specify:


where xxxxx is a URL Encoded string of characters. This will store (and make visible to subscribers) a commentary note for your signal.

Later, you can change the comment field’s value by using the newcomment command.


I’ve noticed that once an order is autotrade (both in TradeBullet and OEC) it becomes difficult to know what system originated it except for the order id number, which I then have to match to original signal issued by vendors.

This is an issue since I subscribe to several systems and autotrade a few. I can’t tell just looking at it what is the source of an order or position. Is it not possible for vendors to add their system name to the signal? Shouldn’t that even be automatically done by C2?

Then why not request (enforce) that autotrading systems must carry on that important information onto the broker side as a comment or note, to be displayed just as the original signal number is?

The custom information that can be passed to a broker is very limited, and often it is not possible.

For OEC, you can see the SystemIDSignalID in the Comment field in OEC trader. (the other data is for internal use)

The C2 API includes system name and system ID when it sends out the signals. If TradeBullet chose not display this information, it’s a TradeBullet issue.

Actually TradeBullet does display this information. See the System and Signal columns.

I thought Wladimir was referring to the OEC software