Adding a comment to a signal

I see there is the cmd=newcomment command to change the <comment></comment> tag for a given signalid once it has been submitted.

Will I see this comment when I make a request cmd=signalstatus?

This does not appear to be the case from the C2 Signal Entry API webpage.

Next: How do I set this comment when I submit a signalid, i.e. when cmd=signal? I would rather do this change the comment when the acknowledgment has been received submitting another http request with cmd=newcomment.

thank you

Mario: You can indeed do what you want to do.

1) First, be sure to include the &showdetails=1 parameter switch to the cmd=signalstatus request. If you specify that showdetails is true, then any comment field ill be included (uri encoded) in the <comment> node.

2) You can change the contents of the comment field at any time. Use the cmd=newcomment command. Example:


Mario, I would like to make sure the documentation better reflects this so that other API developers won’t share your frustration. Which docs were you looking at? If they are online, please let me know the URL.