Apparently random "sell to close" orders

Comment: possible rescale system bug

For some odd reason ever since I rescaled the Trending Futures system #29987971 to $50k recently on occasion a "sell to close" orders are showing up into the system unexpectingly to me. There were several in there immediately after the rescale process, and then another just now in the most recent 24 hours.

I simply hit the "cancel" button to get rid of the order, but it may be confusing to subscribers of the service, as well it concerns me that perhaps "buy / sell to OPEN" orders might start showing up next concerns me most.

Here is the most recent one that I have canceled this morning:

03/27 Canceled Sell to close 0.00100005 QHGH8 at mkt GTC

You are using symbols that have already expired. There is no more QHGH8.

Try M8 instead.