Urgent - wrong scaling being used, autosync not working

Please refer this order number 89134359 for ChampionTrader-ES system.
System sold 2 contracts. 2 of my subscribers are at 50% scaling, so 1 contract should have executed for them. Please click on red mark and verify that 3 contracts were sold for both of them.

Still, they have this position open. Please advise how to rectify and why this happened? Why has the auto-sync feature not corrected their position by now?


Your traders are perfectly in sync with your system. Closing orders are executed on a percentage basis, so if your system executes an order to close 100% of a current position (i.e. go flat), then your followers will execute whatever trade is required to go flat in their own individual accounts. In this case, at the instant your Model Account filled, they were long 3, so they sold 3 to go flat, in order to stay in sync with your system’s Model Account.

My advice is that as a system developer, you can just focus on running your model account and trying to perform as well as you can, and allow C2’s AutoTrade technology (or your subscribers who are using it) to worry about keeping broker accounts in sync with your Model Account. In this case, everything worked fine.


Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the explanation. I get it now.

Reading your explanation, now I understand what happened. Basically, my subscribers had 3 open contracts in their account. I sold 4 on model account at 414pm EST (they being at 50% scaling) sold 2, so they were left with 1 open contract. Within next 10-15 seconds, I sent another order to close the remaining 100% position. So, I sent in an order to sell 2 contracts on model account, but instead of 1 contract being executed at 50% scaling, 3 contracts got executed on subscriber’s account.

Basically, what happened is that since these orders were sent closely in time, C2 thought my subscribers still have a position of 3 contracts.

So, the learning is:
1) Do not use the order to close 100% of position, right after executing another trade. Its safer to maintain a gap of at least 1 minute between other orders and the order to close 100% of position.
2) If you want to send orders near about simultaneously, then use exact quantities to sell/buy instead of using close 100% of position.


I do not completely agree with the lessons you have gleaned.

I think my message has been (and continues to be): Run your system to the best of your ability and don’t worry about AutoTrading - C2 takes care of things and keeps broker accounts in sync with your system.

If subscribers want to trade at a scaling percentage that is not 100%, and you leg into and out of positions, then there will be rounding issues, but the AutoSync process will handle those.

Ultimately, it’s the subscribers’ call whether to trade at a non-100% scaling multiple. There may be reasons they want to, and they may be willing to have less fidelity to your Model Account in exchange for scaling sizes that they prefer.

So, in summary, don’t worry about AutoTrading. Just worry about trading your Model Account on C2.