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Hey guys new to the platform…after reading a few of the forum posts i saw some unfavorable information about this strategy does anyone care to share more information about this?

Thanks David

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Pls share what unfavorable information you read/saw/heard


94% win small trades… and strategy 6 months old. You can not see how strategy handle losses. This guy burned a lot of strategies already with 80-90% drawdown in one bad month. He creates new account each time. What do you think can be in 1 year with this strategy? look on profitable long term strategies with low-medium drawdown (10-30%)on C2…usually they have track record at least 1 year and win rate 40-60% without martingle and always take losses.


Where did you get the idea that a high winning percentage system is automatically a losing system?

Just curious

Not all high winning percent strategies are losing strategies. However, many are. For example, martingale systems are a type of high winning percent strategy. Similarly, selling naked VIX calls can be a high winning percentage system. Very few of the strategies that survive a long time have a high winning percent in the range of 94%.


You said “only” so I would have to disagree out of hand unless you provide evidence such as studies. Furthermore, I would have to say that options similar to futures and forex is a zero-sum game. Stocks and bonds are not zero-sum.

Black-Scholes is a model. It very may well be tilted in favor of the sells. That is beyond me.

I think the casino here is actually the market makers collecting the bid ask spread. I am sure that over some period sellers did have an advantage. However, I think due to the nature of the business that will go away if it still exists.

I’m not defending BS model. I am saying that if options sellers have an inherent advantage and everyone knows it, wouldn’t the collective force of the market drive down premiums and bring it in line? When options markets were less popular and less controlled by advanced pricing mechanisms, I am sure it is likely sellers had an advantage.

In essence, my point is if everyone knows there is an advantage to one side in a zero-sum game, which is freely traded, the advantage won’t stick around.

Have you considered running a strategy in particular an option selling strategy?

I am working on a Forex strategy at the moment.

While a profitable endeavor, selling options is not that easy, it requires a LOT of homework and expertise, not to mention very very strict money-management rules.

This is his 2021 strategy (or was)…


i think this is very first strategy from the author of Ark1 -

2018-2020, i believe this is his longest strategy, others went out of the business. seems at that time the market was good for his “limited martingale” (c) me strategies.

my conclusion - you can possibly earn money, but you have no idea when you lose all profits and part/whole initial investment. but the author will earn money from subs for quite long time if lucky.

i remember the guy even promised to not open any other accounts here, this is possibly his 2nd new account after that promise. :slight_smile:


See above. PFSignal, Medallion, Delta… the Ark1 guy has a ton of old systems that did the exact same thing.

They blow up every time. Then he creates a new profile under some new name and starts again.

Haven’t looked but he probably has a ton of subscribers who don’t realize this. Would stay FAR away.

Good luck.


KaBOOM goes the “ARK” :man_shrugging:


Now he has made ARK1 ‘private’ so we can’t anymore see what a disaster it is. Trader and strategy profile really should include info on previous strategies from same trader that were closed down so that such complete ruin events end up with at least some consequence for the strategy leader too.


Nice. Once in a while this time comes.

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Dude was charging $500 monthly fee for this crap (Ark 2) and had at least a half dozen subscribers.
Couple months of nice $$ for the strategy leader. The subscribers… not so much :man_shrugging:

Time to reset with a new name/profile I guess…

When a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with experience ends up with the money and the one with money leaves with experience.

― Warren Buffett, The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America


FYI - this guy (who still maintains several different profiles) has started new systems under the “HFR Algo” name:
Just a matter of time before these implode as well. At least his 1 review points it out :rofl:

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