$ at Risk by Creator for TOS systems

On the website that lists TOS systems, how is the "$ at Risk by Creator" calculated?

It appears to be incorrect for my system. It says $3121 which is way too low. The total system equity and the actual amount in my brokerage account are both much higher than that.[LINKSYSTEM_77884102]

Any update on this?

There are at least 3 related errors on the TOS site for this system:

1) "$ at Risk by Creator" is listed as $2581 but it should be much higher. (system equity is $11580).

2) "Return since creator started trading" is listed as -76.8% but the graph clearly shows that it should be positive not negative.

3) TOS site says "Annual" is 122.4% but system site says "Annual return (compounded)" is 211.8%.[LINKSYSTEM_77884102]

Hi, Ben:

Thanks for pointing out these issues. I have made some fixes to the software and now the numbers are what you’d expect.