Error in Grid data

In the Grid, there is an optional field called "Own Dollars at Risk", and it is reporting an incorrect value.

Steps to repeat problem:

click "find a system"

click "the grid"

enter "Top Fifteen US Stocks" to locate my system

click "select columns"

scroll down and locate "Own Dollars at Risk"

click "show", then "close"

"Own Dollars at Risk" is listed as $3412 for my system.

The error is that "Own Dollars at Risk" is reported as $3412, which is way too low.

The formula is:

Your AutoTrade Scaling %

multiplied by

you system’s Model Account Equity

In real life your trading account may be bigger or smaller, and in fact at any given moment in time you may have more “at risk.” But the formula is designed to allow an apples-to-apples comparison across system owners who commit to trading their own system under the Trades-Own-System (TOS) program.


The AutoTrade Scaling % is listed as 100% on the TOS page.

The Model Account Equity is listed as $16256 on the system page.

100% * 16256 = 16256.

Why does it say $3412 instead of $16256?