Australian Index Future price is missing

Missing price makes a lot of damage on my stat, as here below. How coul i solve this please?

All Statistics Based on Hypothetical Results
Trades 22
# Profitable 13 (59.1%)
Avg trade duration 10.6 hours
Average win $608
Average loss $13,633
Profit factor 0.1:1
Max peak-to-valley drawdown (historical) 100%
drawdown period Aug 13, 2013 to Aug 16, 2013
Correlation w/ S&P 1.000
Sharpe ratio n/a
Keep after worst-case slippage 100.0%
Probabilities of future account loss
Chance of 10% account loss 0.0%
Chance of 20% account loss 0.0%
Chance of 30% account loss 0.0%

We’re looking into this issue where Sydney Futures Exchange futures are not always reporting prices. I’ll correct your stats as soon as I confirm the futures contract pricing issue is resolved.