Expired futures

How do you remove an expired futures contract from your dashboard?


To @EP_Capital 's credit, he did inquire here on January 16th about how to have his system fixed and remove/adjust the expired contract. To my knowledge, he never received a reply from anyone about how to get this fixed (at least on this forum thread).

I believe he is a new trader (at least as far as futures are concerned) and it’s not readily apparent to me that he knew that the C2 hypothetical account did not accurately reflect profits from those trades. In his other thread (2000% since inception), he only touted his system having a 2000% return instead of the 2500%+ that the C2 system page was showing. Perhaps his own “adjustment” to tout a lower number (manually correct for the expired futures) was based on some very crummy “common core type” math. Quality mathematics is a life skill that is not well taught in school these days (for reasons I won’t mention here). It seems that many “high level” people are getting away with “mistakes” these days; why be so hard on some random “average Joe” that has an interest in finance (or at least how to make a quick buck in the markets)?!