Auto Trading


I currently follow a system ( [LINKSYSTEM_42439974]) which I would now like to auto trade. The current value of the system is $17,000 and therefore presumably, if I want to match each trade, I should deposit $17,000 into my brokerage account (options xpress).

However, the system i want to trade does not utilize margin, where my optionsxpress account has margin. Would it be possible for me to utilize margin even though the system does not, that way I would only have to fund my brokerage account with lets say $10,000 as opposed to $17,000?

That system trades pretty big quantities, so it should be easy to scale back. You can have C2 autotrade 50% of what the system trades, for example.

But to answer your question directly: yes, you should be able to use all your buying power to match the system’s buying power, margin or not. Just remember that you’ll be vulnerable to margin calls, etc while the system won’t. I’d recommend scaling back.