Forex auto trade margin requirements

How does the auto trade margin requirements work on auto trade when C2 have a 3% margin and some brokers have a 0.5% margin?[LINKSYSTEM_30546139]

When you set up forex AutoTrading at C2, you’ll be asked two questions (among several others):

What leverage do you have access to in your real-life forex brokerage account (i.e. what margin are you allowed)?


How much money do you want to allocate in your real-life account to a given C2 trading system?

C2 will then perform the calculation and set up your AutoTrading quantities accordingly.

It sounds more complicated than it really is. In effect, what’s happening is that C2 has very strict (that is, conservative) margin requirements for forex trading – it requires that a C2 system put up a lot of collateral to hold open a forex position, while most real-life brokers require that you put up less collateral in your real-life trading account.

So C2 allows you to use a less onerous margin requirement in your real-life trading account should you so desire (although of course it does not force you to do so).

It will be more clear when you set up AutoTrading and go through the process. (You can do this on a simulated demo account, which does not require you to risk real money.)

I went through this process and all my trades are being rejected for insufficient margin. Error message says in millions in $ to place trade which is correct.

Error message:

Trade Signal rejected: Unable to place trade due to margin constraints / Unable to BTO 24873 USDCHF - Current account buying power is $2,000.00, cash is $2,000.00; equity=$0.00; currMarginUsed=$0.00; proposed trade would lower by $7,461,900.00 (C2 Err Code: PreMarginCheck api2 a)

24,873 USD/CHF?? That was really the size you wanted to trade?

Forex trade quantities are mini lots (i.e. 10,000 units.) So you probably meant to Buy 2 USDCHF (or Buy 3)

mine are actual dollars not lot or mini lots… trade sizes are determined by ATR and vary … nearest 10K only for trades on C2?

You need to enter the trade in terms of mini-lots (10K currency units).

So, entering (for example):


means you will buy 20,000 Euros by using US Dollars.

I understand the mini-lot size… BUT my question was asking if I can designate a portion of a mini-lot for example can I enter 2.7 to buy 27,000?

No you cant …