"Automated risk constraints"

How does one turn off the automated risk constraints?? Thanks[LINKSYSTEM_71784468]

Go to "Constraints" page under Admin and then choose remove constraints , however if you have subscribers it may take some time :

"Once you enter constraints below, and once you have a subscriber, you can only change your constraints in the following way:

You may enter a Constraint Change Request, which will be sent to all subscribers for approval.

Once all subscribers approve of the change, or once 7 days pass – whichever comes first – your changes will become effective."

What are these constraints?

Thanks for that.

C2 admin, I have requested this is turned off, please can you action this ASAP. I have now unsubscribed all taking the trial.

As a side issue, the feature was turned off a few month ago, but it came back on recently. Please look into. Thanks