Autotrade MyNexTrade w multiple brokers?


This system trades both futures and forex. If I like to go with server-based autotrading, is it possible to autotrade all the signals of this system without problems? For example, after subscribing, is it possible to choose OEC for autotrading the futures signals (ignoring forex), and choose FXCM/BulldogFX for autotrading the forex signals (ignoring futures), BOTH at the same time, without a glitch? I know IB + TradeBullet would work but prefer the server-based autotrading. Thanks for your advise.

It is currently not possible to trade one system at different brokers. Therefore, systems that trade both futures and forex in the same system will have a hard time finding AutoTraders. (It is true that AutoTraders can use Interactive Brokers for this, since it supports all instrument classes, but currently Interactive Brokers only supports Gen1 AutoTrading).

On the other hand, a system that trades stocks plus options can be traded at a single broker easily (optionsXpress, for example).

So what happens if you try to autotrade at just a single broker? Will OEC simply ignore any FX trades, and bulldog ignores all futures? Or do they bork on the incorrect trades and disconnect?

In the first case, you could subscribe twice, and autotrade each one separately at a futures and FX broker respectively?

There a few systems that bill themselves “mainly futures, with a few options”, and I’ve steered clear of these, because my broker is futures only, and I assumed they wouldn’t work. I’d be interested to know if I could use them, and just miss out on any options trades (or maybe do those manually, for example).

The broker will simply ignore trades for instruments it does not support, and trading will continue just fine for supported instruments.