Subscribing: systems trading multiple instruments

Ok - I have a question…

I have a futures broker, and a forex broker. There are systems that trade both.

I can’t seem to figure out how to set a single system to send it’s signals to 2 places; after I drag it down and fill out the auto trade wizard, I can’t drag it down again.

Is this possible?

Also, if I have 50% of my funds with one futures broker, and 50% another with another, I’d like to be able to send same signals to (which I’m sure a lot of clients fall into).

These 2 scenarios seem reasonably common; Did I miss something here?


Hi Mike,

Unless C2 has released a major update without telling us all, C2 is a one-system - one-broker correlation.

I subscribe to a system that I trade in two accounts at one broker; I therefore have two separate C2 accounts/subscriptions to it. (One generously discounted by the developer, thank goodness.)

I know for some brokers, there is a workaround to trading multiple accounts at the same broker, as detailed in this thread:

And I think this option has expanded to some other brokers as well since this post; you could ask Matt.

However, if you absolutely want to trade a single system across brokers, I’m fairly certain your only option is to check with the C2 system owner to see if he would offer a discount to you for having an additional subscription. Otherwise, there is no workaround (unless Matt has been hiding it from us all!)

As to mixed instruments, I’m curious as to a system that would contain both forex and futures, as I don’t personally know of many brokers that could handle such a system, outside of IB. (Maybe MB?) Since at least some brokers require different accounts for different instruments, I would think that a second subscription discount for a system trading multiple instruments would be justified.

Anyhoo, good luck!