Autotrade on options


Just want to confirm something.
How does C2 send option signals if you autotrade?
For example, options usually have fairly wide spreads.
For example, say stock XYZ have a call option with bid at 100 and ask at 102, with “model” price around 101.
Usually when I buy options, I “fish” the good price, but bidding say 100.5, and then 100.7, and so on, until I find someone on the opposite end willing to meet me in the middle. Very rarely do I pay full price at ask.
But I assume that if I would do that in my strategy (BrokerTransmit) then my subs will just receive buy XYZ call at market, meaning they most probably will get filled at ask.
Is that correct?
and is there anyway to improve that? (I doubt)


Here is how I understand it; I could be wrong. And I know nothing about broker submit, so this may well not apply to your situation.

This applies to entering orders on the C2 website.

First, you need to set the button on Manage Your Plan so that Limit trades are filled when the first of your subs gets a fill, not when the limit is touched by anyone.

Then place your limit order. If it doesn’t fill for any of your subs, then adjust the price.

When a sub gets a fill, some other subs might get the same fill since their limit order will be there too. C2 explained to me that after 1 or 2 minutes, your subs’ limit order is converted into a market order, with the resulting possibly wider fills.

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