New Feature - Choose your AutoTrade Fill Algorithm

Based on C2 Member feedback, we’re allowing strategy developers to choose the way their limit orders are filled by C2.

By default, C2 will continue to fill your limit order if the price is touched anywhere in the world, by anyone.

However, this can sometimes lead to slippage for strategies which have AutoTraders who do not get “lucky” just-touched fills.

Therefore, as part of an experiment, we are allowing strategy owners to opt instead for a different fill algorithm. Specifically, C2 can be told to wait for at least one real-life AutoTrade subscriber to fill your limit order before C2 recognizes that limit order fill.

How to access this feature

The feature is available in the “EDIT YOUR STRATEGY” choice, under your “Manage” menu.

After choosing this menu item, scroll down to the bottom of the next page to see the applicable controls:

Just to be clear, once the first real-life AutoTrader subscriber fills a limit order, then C2 changes the limit order to a market order for all of the other AutoTrader subscribers to fill their respective orders?

If so, is there a time delay between the first limit order fill and the switch to a market order if the price drops below the limit price?


There is no time delay designed into the process, although there may be some minor latency in converting to market.

I just used the new AutoTrade fill algorithm today for ETF Volatility Timer and is worked perfectly.

Thanks Matthew!