Autotrade position size limit


Suppose I set up autotrade with a 1 contract limit on a futures system. If the system signals are then

BTO 1, BTO 1, STC 1, STC 1

will my autotrade

BTO 1, ignore, STC 1, ignore


BTO 1, ignore, ignore, STC 1



BTO 1, ignore, STC 1, Sync to reopen position, STC 1

If system signals were BTO 1, BTO 1, STC 2 you would then trade:

BTO 1, ignore, STC 1

But that creates unnecessary commissions and slippage. Wouldn’t it be better to check for sync before selling?

That’s not possible at this time. The best way to not sync is to avoid setting a 1 lot limit for systems that leg into and out of positions.

Are there any updates as to how the 1 lot limit functions currently, and which autotrade brokers it works with?