Still Seeking advice on auto trading futures

hi, if you can help…

i have 3 systems, 2 forex and 1 futures

forex systems are working, but no trades begin placed via the futures system.

i understand you must trade a whole number, but I’m unsure how to correlate that to auto trade %?

i had it at 40 but not trading, now set to %50. the system normally trades 2 units, so is that correct that i must set auto trade to %50 to align to the system?

If system trades 2 units and you want to trade one then you have two options:

  1. set scaling of 50%
  2. set scaling of 100% and put max lot size of 1

both options have their pros and cons. briefly, risk on option 1 is unlimited but you can follow trader strategy more accurately; risk is limited on option 2, but you can miss additional entries (averaging or pyramiding, for example).

I’d start with Max trade size set to 1 and keep it for a while until you know how the system behaves. After you are more confident, you can remove the limit on Max trade size and set the scaling to 50%. It will still trade 1 contract for you if the system trades 2, but if for what ever reason it decides to trade 4 contracts you’ll follow it and it will buy one more for you.