Autotrade set contract by nominal value


Is it possible to set the # of contracts to trade based on nominal value of positions open or # of contracts open for auto trading? I’d like to set a nominal value position sizing and a max contracts.

The example comes from my system which is at almost 100k. I’m considering how I can autotrade it with a smaller account. I’d like to set a max contracts but also would like to trade more contracts based on nominal value (or # of open contracts).



No. When AutoTrading, you can scale a system you are trading by using the following 2 parameters:

-> Scaling Percentage (i.e. if you set Scaling Percentage to 50%, then when system buys 6 contracts, your account will buy 3)


-> Max Contracts (i.e. if you set Max Contracts to 2, then even in the case above, you will buy only 2 contracts)