Autotrade without using a local trading software

Hi everyone

In advance, apologies for such a naive question, but hey, I am just a newbie here…

I have just started autotrading using my IB account and Trader68, trading FX so far. The issue I have is that orders from C2 have to go through my local Trader68, which transmits them to IB. Fine.

BUT, should anything happen (and it did) to my computer, my connection, my local trading software, a flooding in my living room, or a fire in the kitchen, and well, the trading goes wrong…

SO, I’d like to know whether there’s a way for C2 to transmit the autotrade orders directly to the broker (no local intervention needed, everything online, no need to keep the computer on). Is it a standard feature of Gen3 brokers?

Thanks again for your help,


That is exactly what we mean by "Gen3 AutoTrading" – you do not need to run any software on your computer.

Perfect, i’ll take immediate action then.