I wnat Gen2, not Gen3

Is it possible to do Gen2 at a Gen3 broker?

It took me 2 days to get the autotrading to work at the broker. Then, on the first trade, they shut down on something that was not a serious problem.

I don’t want Gen3 interfering with my trades.


I got this email:

“This is an automated message from the Autotrading server.

We detected an external order in your brokerage account xxxxx. As a precautionary measure, C2 autotrading has been disabled in your account. Please review your C2 trading permissions and contact your broker when you are ready to begin autotrading again. Please note that account reactivation is a manual process so you must contact your broker after reviewing your C2 AutoTrade setup.

You can go directly to the C2 Trading Permissions page by following this link: http://www.collective2.com/setupautotrade

Best regards,”