Autotrading bug

I’m autotrading a system that generates BUY/SELL signals with their corresponding target profit and stop loss.

The system trades 2 lots at a time and I used to have the system scaled x4.

I changed the autotrading configuration and now is scaled x3.

When the system generates the BUY/SELL signal everything goes alright and a position of 6 (2x3) lots is open. However, the target profit and stop loss signals specify 8 (2x4) lots.

To make it clearer I’ll show what I expect to see from my “open positions” window:

‘Symbol’ 'Direction ’ ‘Quant’ ‘Open Price’ 'Delayed Price’


EURJPY Buy to Close 60,000 Limit XXXX

EURJPY Buy to Close 60,000 Stop XXXX

However, I get something like this below:


EURJPY Buy to Close 80,000 Limit XXXX

EURJPY Buy to Close 80,000 Stop XXXX

At the moment I just modify the signals manually to adjust them to the right amount but I fear I could miss a signal and screw everything up.

Can anyone help me please?

Please email with specifics (i.e. which specific system, which account #, which broker). When I look at your account, I see you are trading only one system (superpips) at 400% scaling… not 300% scaling. Are we talking about the same system? Private email is probably better to resolve/investigate.


I suspect you trade this forex system at IB via TradeBullet.

I have experienced the same problems for a long time, that is, stops are not adjusted or expired stops are not cancelled. That has forced me to reluctently move systems with frequent stop adjustments, like Samurai, to one of the forex bucket shops.

I have reported this problem several times to Francis but there does not seem a solution for it - I am not sure if it is a TB or IB problem or a combination of both.