Availability of Italian future and mini-future

I am writing you from Italy and I would like to create my first TS on C2; with this purpose I’d like to ask you whether is it possible to trade in C2 Italian future and mini-future titles described here:

<future, June 2009>


<mini, June>


Thanks for your kind check if you have possibility to assess: I apologize because I found some 2007 threads within C2 Forums about but could not understand discussion result.

Kindest regards and again thanks!

Aldo Ceccarelli (C2 newbie but very keen to startup soon:-)

Aldo -

Did you see this?


"If you don’t see below a contract that you want to trade, let us know (matthew@collective2.com) and we’ll add it for you."

Welcome to C2. Good luck with your project!


Hi, Kevin!

thanks I’ve checked and I cannot find them in:

the two contracts that I (and probably many Italians with me:-) would like to find are traded in IDEM (Italian Derivative Market, Milan).

They are so called:

FUTURE S&P MIB and MINI FUTURE S&P MIB (currently June and September contracts are open, personally I am interested to June to start in case).

Reference website is the following:


where you can find both the

S&P / Mib Index Future June 2009


and the correspondant "mini"

Mini S&P / Mib Index Future June 2009


many thanks to Matthew and Yourself for your kind check and setup if possible.

You should send an e-mail to Matthew requesting them.


Again thanks, Kevin: I’ve just emailed Matthew with above request.

Warmest regards,


Hi Matthew, Kevin and Forum Friends:

thanks the same, please close this request I got no answer so I’d better change my systems to make them able to trade some CME futures among those already listed and start their C2 life.

Kindest regards,


I would also like to trade FTMIB futures and mini-futures. Anyone else out there want to trade Italian stocks/futures on C2? If we have a few people request it then it would be worth it for C2 to add them.

Thank you.