Average Subscribers per System?

On Collective2, what is the average number of subscribers per system?

For a system with the most subscribers, what is currently the highest number of subscribers?

That information is confidential, I believe. The average per system must be very low, because it’s likely that only a small percentage of systems have any subscribers at all.

Matthew Klein:

Any numbers you can provide?

Quite a few systems have many subscribers. But I do not release specific numbers, for reasons I have described in greater detail elsewhere in these forums (example: releasing the number of subscribers for a system tends to create a self-fulfilling prophecy; that is, the "winning" systems tend to continue to attract more subs, while newer systems have a harder time), etc.

Asked and answered. "NO" Quite a few times.

What would be the downside of sharing # of subscribers with the community? I would think it would show potential system developers what sort of revenues they could expect by publishing their system here, and give potential system subscribers a sense of confidence by seeing subscriber stats (retention rates, totals, etc.) that a system has.

Perhaps that IS the downside at the moment? The community not yet large enough to have numbers that would be beneficial for C2 to publish - yet. I hope that’s the case, because I think it would be good for all 3 sides of the community to see the numbers at some point.