Average subscriber reporting

I can understand and respect the reasoning behind not disclosing the actual number of subscribers for an individual system. However, as a system developer myself who has posted my system on C2 for 10 months (up to this point), I have a very limited idea (and this based solely on replies from other developers kind enough to share this info), as to how many subscribers the average system generates after a specific time, or after receiving a certain number of page views. Is the number of subscribers my system attracting typical or is it below average? Am I being patient enough? Are my expectations too high?

These questions could be answered if C2 were to post a page that listed the averages of all active/non-test systems on C2 regarding specific subscriber metrics (# of subscribers, subscriber fee, etc). This data could be further convoluted by presenting data over the past fiscal year, so as to protect the privacy of the C2’s current financial data. At least this way, I, as a system developer, would have some basis for determining the strength/weakness of the subscriber base of my system.

With this being said, I really appreciate the C2 site and all of the hard work MK puts into it and think it is an awesome tool. My suggestion would simply help me to maximize its use.




Hey Worldcrusher,

For now I would be happy and content that your system is a REAL winner. I mean I can see that it can be very successful ad infinitim - meaning producing market-beating/hedge fund returns throughout all market periods (for life).

Precious few will find this and many may never recognize this. That being said after 10 months I can understand your frustration (impatience). However, 10 months is not very long.

There are ways to drive views (and ultimately paying subscribers) to your system. Take Kingdom Capital Covered Call Fund. I provided daily analysis as it related to my strategy, weekly covered call picks, a newsletter and ad nauseum banter with Ross, et al.

This created much exposure compared to you and my “new” systems. People may not understand my reasons, but I feel I am very fortunate to not only have found this site to pawn my wares, gain a track record and make money in the process (ahead of the more larger arena) - but to have moved to my present position despite interpretation of my to-date results.

That being said I am so very confident that the value that I am now producing super-cedes by a large margin anything to this date (although all predicated on the same basic analysis-results regarding trading) that I decided to forego the constant forum posts in lieu of these tremendous (unfolding) results based upon my faith that I will soon enough be rewarded.

However, when I look at other systems that have/had a similarly limited track record and in some cases not as great results - have already attracted an extremely strong following. Perhaps Ross’ tactics are “winning” at the present, but I am compelled nevertheless to get on with the show - since I can barely count on both hands the amount of people that actually are looking at what I am doing right now.

Anyways, I think you are advertising which should help and - like me, in a few more months subscribers will find your system more and more attractive. Have you tried those other marketing mechanisms where you provide the system free to auto-traders and somehow otherwise make money. I have to look more into this as I have a feeling it would work pretty good for me now.

Also, there are other things to consider. I mean there are - I am thinking probably - many financial planners, etc. that with a well-drafted e-mail to some found in industry may attract a partner or two that could start you off in a small but lucrative partnership to benefit a portion of some of their clients.

I mean precious few actually having anything this stellar to offer those with money that they “manage”. Just one of my thoughts - and I have a lot. I just don’t act on them, since I feel my time will come soon enough - and why not keep the goods all under my care? Unless of course I am somehow led to a very viable partner or two.


gilbert aka paysense