Backtest error (even with sample programs)

unfortunately backtesting in Seetu does not seem to work at all for me.
I always get this error message:

Backtest error: Could not convert string to integer: NA. Path ‘BackTesterSettings.HoldMinBars’, line 39, position 23. undefined

To clarify, line 39 does not exist in my script at all. This seems to be internal.
If I try to set the HoldMinBars option I get a compiler error.

Anyone faces the same issue?

Just for other members information:

HoldMinBars is still not fixed.

If your intention is to buy and sell on the same day with Seetu based on daily data, then it can be substituted by SetTradeDelays and AllowSameBarExit options:

SetOption( "AllowSameBarExit", TRUE );
Buy = 1;
Sell = 1;

The same problem here