Bad executions


I am tired of filling out problem reports on copper/ Either worng price or delay on execution

I have looked over the quote feed audit trail and I don’t agree with the prices you feel you should be receiving. We fill you at the real-time bid/ask at the moment you enter your order. The two trouble tickets you filled out proposed prices that do not match what the bid/ask was at the moment you traded.

Are you looking at the bid/ask spread or are you looking at the last print? That might explain why the prices you feel you should achieve don’t match what we are filling you at.

i am looking at real prices of bid and ask/ And after I send order I look at real bid and ask of the exchange

pit or electronic?


Here is the issue of slow server/

I 2 checked the proce with exchange. When I send the oreder to sell copper it was clear 298.20 and time was 11:06:12 and you server received at 11:06:50 this delay caused the bid dropping to 297.85.

That is a big difference , less than a sec .

If your hardware is slow that causes the problem