Horrible day

horrible day- slow execution, down time and all the performance got screwed up.

Uh-huh. Well, your two most recent losses happened several hours after the site downtime.

oh year? what about being in TEST portfolio plus in arbitrage wasnt being able to close the arb

How about now I could not close for several minutes copper and ES. I made a snapshot of orders not being filled and instead makin over 3000 and ended up making 2000/

So nice seeing market moving and you have no idea if your order got executed/

You should know the difference what the tick value in 20 contracts in copper And not being able to close it as fast.

Do you want me to send you snapshot of my screen when I had open orders and had no idea if they got executed/?

you found nice defence on last two losses. But how slow site was in majority trades and for how lonf the site was down you are silent