Bad service

Why does the helpdesk do nothing when you send an email
How do i get the lotsize fron 1 to 2 $ a pip ?
Why do i have to pay for my own systhem ?
C2 is already taking 30 % of subscribers

Hi, Hans:

We’re a little behind on answering emails, for which I apologize. Here are some answers.

1) You do not have to pay for your own system. We make that an option for system developers, because some people want to experience exactly what their subscribers do, including credit card charges, subscription emails, etc. However, you can simply AutoTrade your own system without subscribing. Just go to the AutoTrade Control Panel, and you’ll see it there (even if you don’t subscribe first.)

2) I’m not 100% certain what this question means: “How do i get the lotsize from 1 to 2 $ a pip ?” But let me try to guess. I see that you are using MetaTrader to submit your orders. Perhaps you want to double the trade size submitted to C2? Well I see in teh MetaTrader/C2 instructions ( that there is a setting called C2LotMultiplier. If what you want to do is make your trades twice as big in C2 than in your MT4 account, set the multiplier to 2.