Basket Trader at Interactive Brokers

I would like to encourage all vendors of ‘End of Day’ systems to set it up so it can be used withe the 'Basket Trader" at IB by sending out every day an Excel file in cvs format. In fact, I would encourage developers to create new EoD systems in this way.

It takes me only 2 minutes a day to load it up and this way I do not need any API (TB or Trader68) on my computer, in fact I consider it the safest way to have trade signals delivered.

I only know 2 systems - there might be more - 'Zero ’ and ‘INVERTERATE 1 - Day Only’ which use it presently. The latter one I trade myself and today was a good example how superior the BT worked. While the traditional auto trading as shown on C2 a sizeable loss my results with BT are much better, it might actually turn out to be profitable depending on tomorrow’s opening. When the market opens with a big gap down systems like this get always over filled with the traditional autotrading but not with the BT.

BTW, it is worth mentioning that this system since its inception has outperformed any other dip buying system. I wonder if it is dimissed by many people because the subscription price is so low?.

I want to clarity my previous post:

It was primarily aimed at stock dip buying systems which send out daily a large number of limit orders. It was not ment to denigrate auto trading per se at C2, whether with Gen1 or Gen3.

[LINKSYSTEM_39055744] is another EOD system that supplies each day’s orders in .csv format for direct input into IB’s BasketTrader.

Anyone with a bit of Excel expertise can create a .csv file in 5 minutes or so via cut/paste from the “Recent Trade Signals” of any C2 system’s web page, so it’s not really necessary for the vendor to supply a .csv file—but it’s nice when one does.