TradeBullet - getting signals

Im subscribed to extreme-os and running pro version of TradeBullet, however not receiving the signals in to trade bullet.

Can someone tell me what i might be doing wrong?

Thanks. Barnard.

Did you set your trading permissions?

I’d be very interested in learning how you do autotrading extreme-os. I’ve been manually trading this system since 8/15 (every trade, 10-15s delay between ITM signal and having trade entered). I’m trading exactly one half of the recommended shares and am essentially flat (-$79 not counting commissions). Trading the C2 quantities I’d be down $158, and C2 shows a profit of $6408 on closed trades since 8/15 (trades opened that day, or later).

So on a new $100K account since 8/15/05, C2 would show a profit of 6.4% compared to my account’s loss of 0.16%. The difference is limit orders not being hit in my account, and uniformly better fills on C2. A similar comparison in an autotraded account would be very valuable to see if the fills are better matched to those shown on C2, and therefore better able to duplicate the system results shown. Three full weeks is not enough time to really evaluate the system, but manually trading it in a real account (so far) doesn’t come close to matching the C2 performance numbers.