"Best" futures systems

How do you pick these? NYMEX has a 100% drawdown and is listed as a “best” system. Seems this a rather arbitrary list.

I have trouble with the rating system also. For one, my stock system, “MP Swing Trades,” had a 30 percent draw down at the beginning as I was trying unsuccessfully to synch it to TradeStation. Finally, I gave up and entered trades manually. Since then it is up 120 percent (108 percent for 2013 over initial capital), and the trades which Collective2 calculates at 61 percent successful are actually since then 87 percent successful (I’ve had 13 winners in a row), but my rating has been stuck in the 700s or less for most of that time. Apparently, I’m saddled with those first tech-inept trades forever. However just recently the system rating jumped to 950 but only briefly. I don’t know what happened (maybe the calendar year changed?) and though I didn’t make a trade it fell back to the 700s where it is now. I don’t know what’s going on that causes that, but maybe some revision is needed. Maybe a calculation for the trailing year instead of forever? Will appreciate any thoughts you have.