"BEST" list

Come on guys. Take a look at some of the systems on the “Best” futures systems list. NYMEX with a 100% drawdown.
Top Class Invest which has some impossible number on no open positions. This needs to be fixed.

Daily Batch has been below it’s equity high for well over a year

Hi, David:

Yes, it’s something I hope to get to shortly, and I have seen your several recent posts about this.

I know that having a computer pick “top systems” sounds like a simple thing, but it’s not quite as obvious as it first appears. I agree the current algorithm needs fixing, and I hope to get to it within 7 days or so.


Awesome Matthew…thank you!

Hi Matthew,

you wrote in an email:

"The systems that appear in the System Finder list are selected by a math / sorting algorithm"

at the moment there is a system called “Stan Notebook” in the Systemfinder that have

only 12 trades (SP Alpha: 40)

it is only 2 month old (SP Alpha: 15)

return 1.3% (SP Alpha: 38,8%)

and this qualifies “Stan Notebook” to the systemfinder??

There should be something wrong with your algorithm.

excuse my questions and comments but I’m trying to figure out why my system SP Alpha isn’t in the system finder list.