Big problem whem trading options

I try to sell with option with big spread ask=355 bid=277

but last price now 316 fair price

i couldnt sell even limit 300-290-280

only place market sa i got bad price 277 the bid

so ist no good when the gains here are worse then real life

iif last price now 316 and my limit 300 a need get order fill

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That’s not how real life works. You don’t get a limit-order fill based on the “last” price.

For illiquid instruments, like some options, the “last” trade may have taken place minutes, hours, or even days ago.

No, rather, you get filled based on the real-time bid or ask - not the last.

but if NOW and i mean NOW was deal at 320 it cant be that i cant get filled limit 290 and got only fill by bid 277

i hope when i trade with my real account in IB that my results will be the REAL one even in your system

keep doing good work

and please let me know if i can trade from my IN acoount with iphone app and see the result in C2