Limit order fills

If my limit order reads: buy 25 eur/yen at 133. 210, is it "legal" to give me a fill at 133.215, when the maket went down well below .210 after this fill?

What are the C2 rules regarding limit orders?

I don’t see that the account that posted this forum message manages any trading system here on C2. This makes me wonder two things:

(1) Which system and particular signal do you feel was filled incorrectly?


(2) Why are you using an alias?

Regardless of the answer to question 2, I can look into your particular details when you give me the specifics.

On a more general note: it is possible that your system on C2 will show an execution price less favorable than a limit price you request. This can happen if your system has real-life AutoTraders trading in real-life brokerage accounts. We are required to display the actual execution price received in the real-life accounts of your subscribers.

There are several reasons why a limit price will not be achieved in real-life accounts (as opposed to fantasy imaginary results): one is that your limit price is “just-touched” and non-market-clearing (which means some of your subscribers get the price, but others don’t – and those unlucky subscribers will convert to a market order to keep them in sync with your system). Another reason is that in the world of forex, you may have subscribers trading at multiple brokers, and one broker may offer a price better than the other broker – which causes the unlucky subscribers to convert to a market order to stay in sync with your system.