Billing date


I originally subscribed to a system on 12/27/2011. Now my billing date is the 14th of the month. How did this happen?

It’s not clear from your post which system you are talking about, but here’s the likely answer. When we used to support pay-only-when profitable-billing (which we are transitioning away from nowadays), if a system wasn’t profitable for a given period, the billing software would push back the high-water-mark measurement by a week. Thus it is possible that, for those types of systems, billing dates could slide back by a week until you were billed. Then the clock would start ticking on the billing period (e.g. a month) and system profitability would not be measured until at least one month passed.

I have seen this with my subscriptions and here is what I think occurs, on my systems C2 bills every 30 days and there are 12 months in the year and we think this equals 360 days. But, there are actually 365 days in the year, so by the end of the year the actual billing date has moved forward by 5 days. Since your system started at the end of 2011, or about 2.5 years ago the billing date has moved forward by about 12.5 days. Subtract this from your original billing date of the 27th and you end up with the current billing date of the 14th.