Black Dog and White Dog?


There are two systems on here that appear to be the same

thing, Black Dog and White Dog. They have the exact same

trades, the exact same subscription terms, etc.

Yet the equity curves look different. They have different

sharpe ratios and different drawdowns. How can this be?

They took the same trades on the same dates but their

curves look different. Not hugely different, but different

enough to matter.

What is going on with Black and White?


How about asking the vendor. She is very smart in answering questions. Either she answers you nosense or she will tell you "why all these questions"


Thnaks for the tip. I have pm’d her and am awaiting her reply.


The two systems have different starting capital (50k and 100k). Otherwise they seem identical. Hopefully you get more information from her.


She says she has never heard of White Dog.

So I have no idea where it came from.

I didn’t notice that the starting capital was different. I thought all

systems started with $100k.


We were happy to answer your many emails but became concerned when you kept asking questions without becoming either a trial subscriber or subscriber. We became suspicious of your intent and asked “Why all the Questions?” Were you trying to reverse engineer our system? Also after we asked you why all the questions you felt it necessary to post a warning message to potential subscribers as a revengeful response to us. You also took our past trading information out of context when you posted your warning to others. Our system speaks for itself… We also have never heard of the White Dog Trading System and are surprised to all of a sudden hear of its exixtance especially after 9 weeks of perusing the website and never seeing it appear on any lists. Hmmmmm …

Susan, would you be willing to create the message board for the Black Dog system so that system specific questions could be posted there?

Hey guys - The “White Dog” system was created by me to test some new software features which haven’t been released yet publicly. The system was not supposed to be visible to the public. No one but me was supposed to be able to see it. (Yes, it was just a copy of the Black Dog system, with different trade scaling parameters.) Sorry for the confusion and mistake. If anyone sees that White Dog System, could you kindly PM or email me to let me know where and how it is visible, and I will fix the problem. Thanks.


How about the “White Sheep” system. That looks very similar to B Dog & W Dog.

I can see both White Dog and White Sheep.


Matthew -

In the interest of preserving the integrity and confidence in C2 for both subscribers and system developers, can I recommend that you somehow identify your test systems in some fashion, such as “MK Admin Test - White Dog”?

That might prevent some of the “bad blood” that shows up earlier in this thread.


On a different note: I’ll be making an announcement about these new features soon. I think system developers will really like them.



- Are you really serious when you say that by asking you for a performance summary report you were fearing reverse engineering?

- Your reaction has been totally unprofessional and I have told you that by PM. The majority of the vendors are very honest and once asking for reports they either say the don’t have them or they send them almost immediatelly. The only exception sofar for me has been you and the Eagle One. Your information is useless for further interpretation. Either you have something to offer or you let it be.

-A good system has to fullfill several criteria and especially to pass through several stress tests to prove his robustness. Otherwise it’s nothing better as a gambling maschine. If you really think that only because it got a good first start is evidence enough for being a good system then I fear you are at least a beginner

- If you have some reports to publish where have you been all that time after the discussion has started? If you don’t have this kind of reports then it’s better to be honest and say you don’t have them. Otherwise please publish them and let commit you to something (please don’t forget to include the years 1999-2002. They are very important to judge whether the system is good or not). Those that don’t commit them to something have nothing to offer. But be carefull, now it’s not only me to fear for “reverse engineering” but the full C2 community! If you know someone to be so genious to reverse engineer a system just from a summary report then please let me know.

-How do you expect someone to subscribe to your system without knowing the risks and further important facts about the system? Probably it’s only you that would subscribe without knowing what to expect.

I hope this helps you to become a good vendor